Lucas: Chapter One is an asymmetrical, multiplayer, survival horror video game featuring gameplay not yet seen in this budding genre. Based on the graphic novel Lucas, written and illustrated by David Murdoch, Lucas is a 1 vs 4 vs 1 Horror/Survival game developed by Itzy Interactive Inc. primarily for the PC gamer market. Prototype development is set to being on October 1, 2019.

The story was published in 2012 by Arcana Studios and was well received. Lucas, the graphic novel, is a horror story that is built around the cliché of horror and flipping it on its head with the introduction of the character Lucas. This protagonist is a massive, hulking killer that stalks the murderers and tropes we’ve become so familiar with on screen.

…Murdoch’s story is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Dexter. Only, this killer of killers is just as terrifying and psychotic as the family of cannibalistic sadists he destroys.

Bloody Disgusting