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Mad Devils

A co-op, arcade shooter set in a twisted WWII setting

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Lucas: Chapter One

A multiplayer, 1 vs 4 vs 1 horror/survival video game, based on the graphic novel Lucas
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Weird O’s

Our new game we’re working on

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Vex Puzzles

Connect matching colors, symbols or both to create a chain of lighting to clear away blocks. Clear all blocks to solve each puzzle. But watch out, wrong moves will void playing blocks and create obstacles that need to be cleared!
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Vex Blocks

Relax with a screen full of blocks just waiting to be ELECTRIFIED AND EXPLODED!  BOO YAH!

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Itzy 3D

It’s web building fun! A meteor has crashed unleashing delicious, alien fireflies. Catch alien fireflies and cover the world in webs while hiding from baddies! Climb to the heights of Itzy’s forest as you spin your way through this first, addictive and exciting level.

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    Mad Devils now available on Steam

    Mad Devils Now Available On Steam!

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