Web building fun! Itzy3D, the first mobile title from new, Canadian independent developers Itzy Interactive is available for free via IOS App Store. Launched early 2012, Itzy3D gives a twist to the gameplay offered by such arcade classics as Qix, while serving as a tool for parents and educators to start a dialogue with players regarding the loss of natural habitat to human development.Cover the world in web: Itzy3D is a fun, family friendly casual game where users take control of our spider hero, Itzy, as he moves from his forest home to neighbouring farmlands and cities in search of food. Each, unique level invites players to explore the terrain to catch as many fireflies as possible while building webs to progress. Use Itzy’s natural camouflage to avoid level enemies or take the fight to them by powering up Itzy with unique Power Ups while you play through Itzy’s story.[nggallery id=1]

Itzy3D includes:

– 11 huge levels to explore. (Full Version available ad free)

– Follow Itzy’s story through 40+ beautifully illustrated cutscenes.

– 24 individual achievements to unlock

– Camouflage Itzy from his enemies or Power Up and go on the offense with Kung-Fu!

– Level up system allows you to control how Itzy plays by customizing attributes

– 3 Game modes. Casual, Action and Frenzy!

– Huge levels and scalable difficulty give hours of re-playability

– Includes how to play game tutorial and gameplay demo

– Supports easy, touch screen controls

– Customizable options to control Itzy’s look

– Hidden bonus on each level

– Outstanding art style

– Original soundtrack and voice

Iphone/Android Instructions

The object of the game is to cover enough of the level in webbing to fill the green web in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Catch alien fireflies and refill your web meter in the lower, left corner of the screen. If this runs out you won’t be able to spin a web.
  • TAP or HOLD anywhere on the screen to move Itzy to that point.
  • TAP Itzy to start building a web. Stretch the web and TAP Itzy to anchor the web point, spinning your web around to the initial anchor point to complete your web. Careful not to overlap your webs!
  • Watch out for bad guys! Itzy will glow red when he’s spotted by one of the level’s enemies. Double TAP anywhere to hide until the enemies pass!
  • Big fireflies, while delicious, will ruin your webs if they’re stuck for too long. When a big firefly is caught in your web, an arrow will appear, pointing towards the offending fly. Eat them quick!
  • Web not turning out like you wanted? Swipe your finger through the web closest to Itzy to break that web.


Big fireflies, while already delicious now give Itzy new abilities for a limited period of time.


Take the fight to those pesky wasps with the Knock Out ability!


Double how far you can stretch your web strands. Make HUGE webs.


Cha-ching! Who doesn’t love points? All points collected are worth double.


Chill! Freeze enemies in place while you have the run of the level.


Andale! Andale! Iepa! Iepa!