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Vex Puzzles now on iTunes

VexPuzzlesIcon114Vex Puzzles is now live on iTunes for the iPhone/iPad.  Here’s our PR release below.  Check out the Vex Puzzles page for download links.

The sequel to the award winning mobile game, Vex Blocks, Vex Puzzles continues the Vex Blocks series offering 480 new puzzles and unique, puzzle creation tools on iOS.
Edmonton, AB/Canada – March 30th, 2014 – Canadian indie developer, Itzy Interactive, today released Vex Puzzles, the sequel to their award winning mobile puzzler Vex Blocks for iOS devices via iTunes. Vex Puzzles adds a new twist to the Vex Blocks formula offering surprising depth while still being accessible to both casual and veteran gamers alike. Connect matching colors, symbols or both to create a chain of lighting to clear away blocks. Rotate your device to help clear all playing blocks to solve each puzzle but watch out as wrong moves will void playing blocks and create obstacles that need to be cleared!
Vex Puzzles also offers a unique “Create a puzzle” mode where users can access puzzle creation tools and submit puzzles to the developer for future, free, user generated puzzle packs.
Both Full and Free versions of Vex Puzzles are now available via iTunes as well as Android devices via Google Play.
“The game studio behind the breakout indie hit Vex Blocks is back with another outstanding new match puzzler that echoes both Tetris and more recent titles like Lumines while incorporating an engaging twist into its gameplay. Itzy Interactive has done it again, make sure you check Vex Puzzles out.”
Vex Puzzles features:
480 puzzles available
Create and share your own puzzles
Special blocks and powerups
Sci-fi inspired, colorful graphics and active backgrounds
Great sound and original music from Boss Level VGM

Vex Puzzles Free For 24 Hours – App Gratis

We’ve partnered up with the folks over at App Gratis to give you a chance to pick up our brand new puzzler, Vex Puzzles for Android FREE for 24 hours starting March 13th!

Head on over to App Gratis or download their app on Google Play for daily free apps.

We hope you enjoy all 480 puzzles currently available for Vex Puzzles and feel free to try out our puzzle creation mode to see your vexing creations in future, free user puzzle packs.

We welcome your feedback!