Confidence in Nonsense

Itzy Interactive is an independent game developer formed in the spring of 2011. While tackling the lofty goal of making unique, creative games that are accessible to all players, the company spotlights the videogame magic of simpler gaming times.  As avid gamers, Itzy Interactive is dedicated to using their experiences to introduce exciting and captivating new titles to the marketplace.

Contributing Artists and Programmers

As an indie developer, it is difficult to bring on everyone; however, we have been fortunate to have friends willing to help us along our way. You know who you are, and we thank you!

Technical, 3D Modeling
Nathan Shankoff / 8Bit3D Studios

Nathan formed 8-Bit 3D in 2012 and joined Itzy Interactive in October of 2015.  Nathan and 8Bit3D went on to win numerous awards for animation and character design, as well as NAIT’s Hatch business plan competition.  8-Bit 3D produces 3D character animation, motion design and visual effects for film and television, commercials, integrated media, and games.  After taking over character 3D designing duties for Itzy Interactive, they then moved on to rigging and animation, 3D modeling of environmental assets and level design.  Now, using their technical expertise they’re ready to take over as level designers and technical advisors on the project.

Illustrator, Concept Artist, 3D
David Murdoch

David’s role with Itzy Interactive has continued to expand since joining in 2013.  Originally, David was hired to provide artwork for the motion comic that makes up Mad Devils’ cut-scenes.  From there he took on work as a concept artist, reshaping the characters and level design.  Over the course of the last two years, David’s role has expanded to handle the game music, user interface artwork, HUD art, promotional work, general artistic oversight of levels, and even 3D character modeling.  Originally from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, David Murdoch worked as an independent artist, writer, and musician. His work has been, and continues to be, produced on a freelance basis for venues such as Sideshow Collectibles, Satellite Soda, Ashcan Press, Black Mask, and others.  In addition to his freelance career he authored, illustrated, and designed the graphic novel Lucas, released through Arcana Studio in 2012.

Robert MacGillivray

Right out of high school, Robert struck off to Kenya working as a volunteer and upon his return moved into the graphic design/business world. While attending NAIT for game programming, Robert was awarded the Governor General’s Academic Collegiate Bronze Medal.  Robert came to Itzy Interactive highly recommend from his teachers at NAIT.  Prior to joining Itzy in July 2015, Robert was programming his own Unity plugins for sale on the Unity Asset store.  His “Audioscape” Unity plugin broke into the top ten most popular audio assets for Unity.  While his main focus is on improving his skills, code readability, and efficiency, he also likes to dive into new things like VR and controlling games with brainwaves.  Robert has proven a versatile, capable and enthusiastic programmer.

Level Design Consultant
John Winski

John graduated from the Computer Systems Tech program with honors from NAIT in 1994 and subsequently began work at BioWare in Edmonton as a quality assurance tester and programmer.  During his time at BioWare, he moved into the role of a Level and Technical Designer, where he worked for over sixteen years creating console and PC games. John worked on nearly every major franchise BioWare released including Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3. John also instructs game programming courses at NAIT where he has been instrumental in shaping the Digital Media and IT program.  John has been the guiding level design force on the Mad Devils project, advising on pacing, narrative, level design, and gameplay, as well as acting in a hands-on capacity to shape the level layouts.

Head Writer
Clay Murphy

Clay Murphy has spent years as a writer in the games industry, working for companies such as Blizzard and NCSoft before moving back to Canada from the US in the spring of 2015. While working for Blizzard, Clay’s work writing dialogue, game story and concocting quest missions can be found in two of the biggest franchises in videogame history: Diablo and StarCraft, and he’s eager to continue his work on Mad Devil’s characters and story.  His interests include oxford commas, the subtle mystique of the unreliable narrator, and cassettes (a.k.a. the poor man’s vinyl).

Lead Programmer/Co-Founder
William Iftody

Since graduating from the Computer Systems and Technology program with honours from NAIT in August 1999, William has built a successful business developing desktop and Internet applications for numerous clients across North America. He has worked as part of a team and successfully managed numerous development projects over the years. Together with his wife, Tina, they continue their fine tradition of building high quality applications. You can see some of their work at Sarver Systems.  However, the idea of building games has proved to be too alluring and as such William has joined forces with Kyle to form a partnership that is deeply passionate about gaming. Having over a decade of C# and JavaScript programming experience, William adapted to programming for Unity3d and mobile with ease.

Co-Founder/Lead Developer
Kyle Kulyk

Kyle is the creative driving force behind Itzy Interactive. Kyle grew up in rural Alberta and has been an avid gamer since his first days of playing Gorf on his Commodore Vic-20. After spending countless hours entering and modifying game code from Compute’s Gazette magazines on his C-64 as a boy, he never lost his love for gaming even as he eventually chose a career in finance. While working in the brokerage industry he remained an avid gamer and blogger, writing for years on everything gaming and game industry related. After experiencing a layoff during the 2009 market crash, he chose to re-evaluate his career goals. In 2011, Kyle graduated with honours from NAIT’s Digital Media and IT program specializing in Game Programming and Design. He decided to pursue a career dream he’s had since childhood and make some video games.