Confidence in Nonsense

Itzy Interactive is an independent game developer formed in the spring of 2011. While tackling the lofty goal of making unique, creative games that are accessible to all players, the company spotlights the videogame magic of simpler gaming times.  As avid gamers, Itzy Interactive is dedicated to using their experiences to introduce exciting and captivating new titles to the marketplace.

Contributing Artists and Programmers

As a fledgling company, it is difficult to bring on support staff; however, we have been fortunate to have friends willing to help us along our way. You know who you are, and we thank you!

Co-Founder/Lead Programmer
William Iftody

Since graduating from NAIT in 1999 with honours, William has built a successful business developing desktop and Internet applications for numerous clients across North America. Together with his wife, Tina, they continue their fine tradition of building high quality applications. You can see some of their work at Sarver Systems ( However, the idea of building games has proved to be too alluring, and as such, William has joined forces with Kyle to form a partnership that is deeply passionate about gaming. Having over a decade of C# and JavaScript programming experience, William is a valuable programming asset and hopes to prove to be worth his salt in this new venture.

Co-Founder/Lead Developer
Kyle Kulyk

Kyle grew up in rural Alberta and has been an avid gamer since his first days of playing Gorf on his Commodore Vic-20.  After spending countless hours entering and modifying game code from Compute’s Gazette magazines on his C-64 as a boy, he never lost his love for gaming even as he eventually chose a career in finance.  More recently, a decade in the brokerage industry, a layoff, an uncertain economy and the birth of his first son has caused him to re-evaluate his career goals.  Now, after graduating with honours from NAIT’s Digital Media and IT program with an emphasis on Game Programming and Design, he’s ready to pursue a career dream he’s had since childhood and make some videogames.