Dive, dodge, and dash your way to victory in the wildest fantasy brawl! Weird O’s: Chaos Royale is a 3D platforming battle royale like no other, blending hilarious co-op exploration with chaotic free-for-alls. Team up to gather crystals, unleash your inner animal spirit, and conquer wacky obstacle courses in a vibrant world filled with surprises.

Competitive & Cooperative: Tumble between competitive free-for-alls, team up for cooperative challenges, or conquer the Mystical Grove with up to 3 friends in local split-screen or online with up to 50 players!

Unleash Your Inner Animal Spirit: Transform into a headstrong Goat, a gravity-defying Chicken, or a sticky-tongued Frog to outsmart your opponents and navigate the ever-changing courses! Master their unique abilities and use them strategically to claim victory.

Seasonal Updates & New Content: The fantastical brawl is always evolving with regular updates, introducing new Weird O characters, magical obstacles, themed events, and fresh ways to play.

Gloriously Customizable: Choose from a multitude of colors, Weird O characters, crazy costumes, and nameplates. Relish your wins with over-the-top celebrations and express your unique flair with hilarious emotes!

Trade, Transform, and Team Up: Hold hands with other players to trade cosmetics, form hilarious chains, and create chaos together.

Weird O’s: Chaos Royale is more than just a game; it’s a fantastical celebration of friendship, fun, and physics-bending mayhem.

Join the Magical Brawl and Let the Chaos Begin!

Additional Notes

Items shown may require separate purchase from the in-game store and are subject to availability. Contains in-game purchases.

Family-friendly fun for all ages.

Developed by Itzy Interactive Inc.