multiBlocks_1000x500We’re pleased to announce this morning the launch of “Vex Blocks free” for android!  Here’s a snippet from our recent press release!

“Indie developer, Itzy Interactive, today released a free version of their well received puzzler, Vex Blocks via Google Play. “Vex Blocks free” now brings users the opportunity to experience this exciting and addictive block game without the need to dig out credit cards. Match up blocks by symbol and/or color to draw the longest chain of lightning possible. Draw lightning chains on your screen to surround and neutralize bomb blocks before they explode or to capture power-ups and increase coin count. Collect coins to gear up with unique power-ups like the Black Hole, X-Block or Nuke to help along the way. As an added bonus, players can challenge their friends to beat their score and earn more coins, or team up and take on score trials together.

Reviewers and fans alike have raved about Vex Blocks.

“This electrically-charged colour-matcher marries slick neon visuals with classic Bejeweled-esque gameplay. We approve of the game’s polished visuals and Thor-like obsession with lightning bolts.” –

“I have only played maybe 10 phone games in my life, and this one is my favorite. Easy to learn how to play, beautiful to look at, challenging but not too hard. I really love Vex Blocks.” – Conrad Nobert – Instructor – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

“Surprising depth, amazing gameplay. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from Vex. I’ve played a fair number of block games over the years and find that generally they tend to be “pass the time while waiting for the bus” type games. Vex blocks has definitely fallen into the the realm of “augh! so close!” and “I know if I replay I can do way better”.” – Aaron Clifford – Developer – EgoAnt Productions”