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Soundtrack Postmortem Boss Level VGM: Vex Puzzles


Joe Baxter-Webb of Boss Level VGM offers up a look back at his work creating the music of Vex Puzzles.

“When you’re scoring a mobile game, you have to work with the knowledge that >70% of players probably won’t even have the sound on. If they do, they might switch-out the in-game music for something from their own music library. So it’s even more important to make something that fits well for that tiny minority who will experience it as part of the game.”

Read Boss Level VGM’s entire postmortem here!


Vex Puzzles Free For 24 Hours – App Gratis

We’ve partnered up with the folks over at App Gratis to give you a chance to pick up our brand new puzzler, Vex Puzzles for Android FREE for 24 hours starting March 13th!

Head on over to App Gratis or download their app on Google Play for daily free apps.

We hope you enjoy all 480 puzzles currently available for Vex Puzzles and feel free to try out our puzzle creation mode to see your vexing creations in future, free user puzzle packs.

We welcome your feedback!



Itzy3d now free to play

Itzy3d-IconRounded128We’re happy to announce that the recent upgrade of Itzy3d to v2.0 on Android unlocks all 11 levels, free to play!  Previously, downloads of Itzy3d Lite offered 4 levels to try with the option to purchase additional levels.  Now users can enjoy all 11 levels and complete Itzy’s story with “Itzy3d free”.

Players who enjoy their gaming experience ad-free can still download the full version now simply “Itzy3d” in Google Play, but with a new price!  $0.99!

We’d like to thank you all for your support and hope you enjoy exploring Itzy’s world!

“Itzy3d free” will be available on iOS in the coming weeks.

Head on over to the Itzy3d page for download links!